Welcome to SBSM-Net, a platform designed to engage the business community to talk and share about world business development issues. SBSM is the abbreviation standing for Small Business Sustainability Management.

Why Start Small Businesses?

People start small businesses for many different reasons, including those to create financial independence, pursue a passion or idea, generate income, build something lasting, or make a positive impact on the world. Others may start a business to gain control over their career and lifestyle or to take advantage of an opportunity in the marketplace.

For all such reasons, the objective is to generate profits for the owners and stakeholders of the business as a result of providing goods and services to customers. You can make a profit by satisfying customer needs, managing costs and resources, and competing in the marketplace.


Through this forum, we can share insights, and experiences, ask questions and provide answers to most of the business community’s concerns. We invite you to start and grow your business with us.


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