Do you feel like you’re constantly running out of time and can’t seem to get everything done? If so, you’re not alone. Many of us struggle to juggle our responsibilities and make the most of our time. Fortunately, it is possible to improve your time usage and management and become more productive. Here are 10 practical tips to help you get started. From setting goals and prioritizing tasks to using technology and rewarding yourself, these tips will help you make the most of your time and increase your productivity.

1. Set Goals and Prioritize Tasks:

When setting goals, make sure they are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound). Prioritize tasks based on their importance, urgency, and complexity. Once you have the list of tasks, break them down into smaller and actionable steps that are easy to manage.

2. Schedule Time:

Create a detailed schedule for yourself that outlines when and how you will complete each task. Make sure to also leave time for breaks, rest, and other activities to stay productive.

3. Create a Routine:

Establish a daily routine that allows you to stay focused and organized. This may include setting specific times for certain activities such as exercise, reading, studying, and meal times.

4. Use Technology:

Take advantage of the various applications and tools that are available to help you manage your time. These include calendar apps, to-do list apps, task management tools, and productivity software.

5. Take Breaks:

Allow yourself short breaks throughout your day to stay focused and productive. Taking a break will help you recharge, clear your mind, and come back to your tasks with more energy.

6. Eliminate Distractions:

Identify and eliminate any distractions that may be preventing you from completing your tasks. This includes social media, emails, text messages, phone calls, etc.

7. Say No:

Learning to say “no” when asked to do something you don’t have time for is an important step in managing your time. Don’t be afraid to say no if it means that you can focus on the tasks that are of higher priority.

8. Delegate Tasks:

If you have too many tasks to complete, delegate some of them to other people. This will help you stay on top of your tasks and free up some of your time.

9. Track Your Time:

Track how you spend your time so that you can identify areas for improvement. This will help you become more efficient with your time. You can use tools such as time-tracking software to help you.

10. Reward Yourself:

Reward yourself for staying on track and completing tasks. This will help you stay motivated and stay on top of your goals. Rewards can be small things such as taking a break to watch a movie or treating yourself to a nice dinner.


Time management is an essential skill to have to stay productive and achieve your goals. With the right strategies and tools, it is possible to make the most of your time. By following the 10 tips outlined above, you can become more organized, efficient, and productive. With these strategies in place, you will be able to accomplish more and make the most of your time.

CPA. Dr. Seraphia Mgembe

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