Selecting the best idea from a list of potential options requires careful consideration of various factors. In order to make an informed decision, it is important to assess your skills, experience, passion, work-life balance, and the potential for the idea to address community challenges. While choosing the best idea is essential, it is also advisable to keep the other ideas in mind, as they may prove useful in the future. By evaluating these factors, you can increase your chances of success and create a business that aligns with your strengths and interests while making a positive impact on the community.

Your current skills: 

Doing business in the area you are skilled at, provides a high chance of doing well in your business compared to doing business that you are not skilled at.

Your experience: 

We know that experience is always the best teacher. Thus in selecting the best out of your list, you may consider what you are experienced at. And if a from your experience is necessary, then, consider an area where you can easily and fast adapt.

Your Passion:

Operating a small business may mean submitting your whole self to the activity. If you submit yourself to something, you do not love doing means failing before you begin. Hence, it is advised that you select an idea from the area you are passionate about.

Work-life balance: 

Your family has a contribution to making your business a success. Thus, when selecting your best choice, consider your family lifestyle to maintain the required balance.

Community Challenge:  

One of the features of a successful business is its ability to solve community challenges. Thus, consider evaluating such a business’s power to solve community problems when selecting the best idea.


In conclusion, selecting the best idea from a list of potential options requires a thoughtful evaluation of several factors. By considering your skills, experience, passion, work-life balance, and the potential to address community challenges, you can make a more informed decision. It is important to choose an idea that aligns with your skills and experience, allowing you to leverage your strengths and increase the likelihood of success. Additionally, selecting an idea that you are passionate about will fuel your motivation and commitment, crucial elements for long-term sustainability. Considering your work-life balance and the impact on your family is essential to maintain a healthy and supportive environment. Lastly, assessing the potential of your idea to solve community challenges can contribute to its success and create a positive impact on society. Remember to keep the other ideas in mind as they may prove valuable in the future. With careful consideration, you can choose the best idea that sets you on the path to success and fulfillment in your business endeavors.

By CPA. Dr. Seraphia Mgembe